All sorts of catering to meet your social or business needs

Catering for gatherings, parties, corporate lunches, hangover cures en masse – whatever your catering need we’ll do our best to cook up something wonderful for you and your guests.

We have the benefit of being totally independent which means that we have the freedom to do all we can to meet your needs. If you want a late lunch extending into the afternoon or perhaps to bring your own spirits ready for cocktail making in the cafe, you are keen to arrange an small gig, talk or book reading – we’d love to hear from you.

If you have a venue such as the Widcombe Social Club, St James Wine Vaults, Weston Moravian Church, Weston All Saints Centre, Priston Village Hall, Claverton Village Hall and many others we can provide hot or cold buffets and in some situations a sit down dinner.

We also have our ‘On the Road’ set up for outside parties, fairs and fetes – or anywhere else you can think of!

Some corporates or large camping parties have preordered breakfast sandwiches and Jimmy Muffins to kick off the day, away days or team gatherings. One particular Bath based Media company regularly orders 40+ items for their gatherings or celebrations!