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22 Jun

Thought for Food

The beauty of being an independent business means that the only people we have to answer to is our customers and each other!

We have had an amazing first 6 weeks and we’ve learnt an awful lot. The best part is our customers have been alongside us the whole time, telling us what works and what doesn’t and what they want more of!

We have decided that 6 weeks is long enough for us to be ‘new’ so now it’s time for us to firm things up a bit, we hope you like our ideas…

  1. Menus – We have separated them out a little.
    We still have our breakfast menu with all the items you know and love. The majority of this menu will run through lunch until the kitchen closes so you will still be able to grab Avocado on Toast or Eggs Benedict at 2pm, and of course, the Jimmy Muffin!We will have a larger lunch menu including a number of sandwiches, salads and bagels plus a couple of seasonal specials on our chalk board above the fire.We have a kids menu!
    Having spoken to our customers, big and little, we have created some kids sized portions of the main menu!


  1. Deli-ghtful!
    Last week at the Weston Village, Craft and Produce Market we rolled out a few items that we love making at home but hadn’t tried out in the café – namely a selection of quiches, sausage rolls and Scotch Eggs.Well, we were amazed by the speed that they flew off the stall and the feedback afterwards so have decided to have a selection of savoury Deli style items alongside our cakes available in to eat in or take away right through until close!


  1. Opening times
    When we started out we thought that Weston might be crying out for a 7.30am coffee but actually we have found that most of our early customers come in around 8.30am and that what you could really do with is a later place open for snacks cakes and afternoon pick-me-ups!We will now be open from 8.30am until 5pm weekdays!
    (Saturday – 8.30 – 4pm, Sunday – 8.30 – 3pm)


  1. Mondays
    Unlike the Boomtown Rats, we do like Mondays. They have been good to us but opening 7 days a week leaves us tight on time to carry out the maintenance and preparation that we want to, and more generally we are missing the opportunity to sit back and make sure that we are always as good as we can be.With that all in mind we have decided not to open on Mondays (for the time being).


There might be a few other little tweaks here and there and who’s to say we wont review some of these changes again in the Autumn when we design the menu for the colder months. We don’t want to be unpredictable but we do want to stay flexible and reactive.

We hope you like this Eveleigh’s update.

We are proud and so happy at how quickly we have become a part of the community, and as ever we welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Jim, Sammy & The Team

sammy burt
  • Miss Rich
    June 24, 2016, 1:21 pm

    Oh no to Monday’s! I was just about to phone and book a table for Monday at 11.30:(

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