About Us

Eveleigh’s is a café in the heart of Weston Village offering hearty fare in a calm and comfortable environment.

Eveleigh’s is the coming together of Jim’s passion and skill for cooking and Sammy’s history in the hospitality industry.

Jim is privileged to have a fantastic cook for a mother. Although Jane served her family fabulous food as they grew Jim was without her when he left home in London to attend University in Leeds. Suddenly he was limited to the typical student diet of ‘whatever you can afford and vaguely know how to reheat.’

A precious Jim realised that he would have to learn to cook himself if he were ever going to satisfy his particularly picky taste buds.

On a visit home Jane taught him how to make a simple Pasta Carbonara – cheap, quick, easy and delicious.

Jim has since worked in education, journalism and most recently led a Video department within a publishing company while all the time satisfying his passion for cooking by feeding his friends and family.

He and Sammy met in late 2014 and she quickly found that eating out was far less attractive than staying in with her own personal chef!

Having made the decision to take the leap and put Jim’s passion to work for them the two began looking for the right premises. They stumbled across No. 3 High Street, Weston and as big fans of the village and with an ambition of not just feeding people but bringing them together – Weston and No. 3 were perfect.

The whole team at Eveleigh’s hope to invite the village in and feed it.

Please tell us what you like, what you don’t and what more you might want from us – it’s the only way we can serve the community effectively.